Ze’s Baaackkkk…

I know it’s late, and I took all year, but you can stop complaining ’cause I’m finally here 🙂

I haven’t written in FOREVER! I think I have internet ADD because I have serious problems remembering to regularly update things other than social networking sites. So… I’m just going to start writing whatever I think/feel and maybe some smart percentage will be interesting, at least more will get written *shrugs*. For this latest entry, I’m posting a poem I wrote the other day… let me know what you think 😉

Bad Grammar

When singular,

I find that the past tense

Overwhelms my present in sorrow.

But when she returns,

Her and me become the plural us,

And the present tense becomes blind to the past,

Ignoring the uncertainty of the future.

See, we’re both subjects

With different verbs

Coming up with no agreement,

And no matter how I comma splice,

It all adds up to a double negative.

Lost in my mind,

Speaking to myself in third person,

In futile attempts to be objective,

But I still miss the

She and I,

While the conjunction

Always becomes or instead.

All of these thoughts swirl in my head,

Converging on one word


All the connotations and denotations thereof

As a noun or verb,

But no matter the grammar,

As I write it,

I find my soul still bleeding

Like ink on the page.

I keep wishing for it all to make sense

And replace these question marks and ellipses

With less tentative punctuation.

I know I can’t erase

Or hit backspace,

And as much as I try to be strong and declarative

My voice trembles, becoming passive.

So all I can do is wait

For my co-author to decide

This story’s fate.

~ by hirandnow on March 13, 2010.

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