I cry out in pain,



I push back against the constant assault from those who seek to deny me freedom,

to strip me of my self-determination,

my humanity,

my life.

I fight and kick and scream

with passion, fury, obscenity.

Wounds and soul laid bare.

You sit comfortable in your privileged position – away from the fray – in observation,

choosing to take offense

with me.

You refuse to hear my cries,

my pain,

my truth

just because it isn’t packaged and pretty,

not respectable and dignified,

not contorted to make you comfortable.

You choose to shut out my shouts because they “offend” you – apparently more so than my suffering – and add to my frustration by questioning my intellect.

Fuck you and the pearls you choose to clutch in the face of my defiance and unwillingness to suffer in silence.

I refuse sanitize my speech to soothe your ears.

If you find my obscenities more obscene than the denial of my humanity:

You’re part of the FUCKING problem.


~ by hirandnow on February 7, 2014.

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